Twin Flame


This is the first time Frank has experienced a woman taking him by surprise, pulling away for a moment he wanted to see this woman through her eyes which is the gateway to the soul. Some clarity he felt was needed because he just met this woman and this is the first date, he did not want to take advantage of her. He can feel this rush of energy through his body, feeling like it is running through his veins.  At this moment he has decided that there is such a thing as fate which certain people are meant to be together.

Frank brushes a stray piece of wavy  hair from Reina face, while looking into her green eyes, he says, “Reina, have you heard of the twin flame?”

“No. What is it?”

“From the research I have done, “twin flame”, it is the most intense relationship you can have with anyone. I want to know everything about you. It seems crazy that I hardly know you except,” taking Reina hand, he kisses it while looking in her eyes in the emotional connection, he continues, “I feel words do not satisfy the true feelings, I am having difficulty expressing things that are meant to be felt.”

“I feel like I am on a high which seems to go on and on. When I look into your eyes, I am not sure how this is even possible, it is like I can see a part of myself within you. Does that make any sense? Is this part of the twin flame thing, you mentioned earlier?”

A wave of happiness like no other has found Frank in the most happiest state he has ever been in. He replies, “Yes. It is what I read. To experience it, I believe this may be it. I like how you express how you feel with me openly, you have a way words and I like it Frank has the biggest  smile on his face, he feels like a teenager again.

As Frank goes in for another kiss, he stops to admire her skin on her beautiful face. She is not wearing any makeup, with his finger, he touches her from her forehead down her nose, trailing her cheeks, and back to her lips, her skin is so soft to the touch. He likes she Green top with her jean, and silver sandals;

Connecting with her lips for the second time, he can taste the mint on her breath as he is opening his mouth to her. His intention is to be gentle and take his time, he feels lost in the depths where only Reina and himself exist and his need to express how he feels is strong and over powering him; there is no thinking, only feeling each other. His arms wrap around Reina in close to him feeling her closeness against him. His hands are running through  wavy hair which she wears loose down to her shoulders  Thoughts are running through his head about many things he would like to do with Reina which he cannot in a public place. Gently nipping at her lips, he says breathlessly, “Can I take you to dinner an my home? I want to get to know you better and what better way than to have some food and conversation.”

Sounding just as breathless as Frank,
Reina replies, “I would like that.”


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Make Love


It was a beautiful crisp evening as I looked in the mirror putting on my bright red lipstick, and the finishing touches to my eyelashes, I slowly rubbed my lips together and leaned down to slip on my heels. I needed to look just right, because tonight would be our first evening together.

I suddenly heard a light knock on the door, and I took one last look in the mirror, then
I took a deep breath and opened the door. There he was, the love of my life, my God he was so beautiful, captivating blue eyes, elegant navy blue suit, dressed to kill from head to toe, and a smile that would take your breath away, and he was holding the most beautiful bouquet of flowers I had ever seen!

He looked at me and said: Wow!! I am the luckiest man alive to have the privilege of escorting the most beautiful woman I have ever laid eyes on to dinner tonight! He then smiled and said:
You ready to go baby? I smiled and blushed, and thanked him for the beautiful flowers, then I took his hand and said, yes sweetheart I have been ready for a long time.

We went to this really nice Italian restaurant, it was so romantic we had a wonderful dinner, we drank some delightful wine, and talked and laughed for hours, it was like we had never lost a moment, it was like a dream, suddenly he grabbed my hand and looked in my eyes so deeply and I knew what was on his mind, and honestly it was on my mind the whole night. He asked me was I ready to go, I grabbed his hand tightly and said yes baby I am ready, so we walked to the car and got in, it seemed like the longest drive back to my place.

I could feel heat stirring within my body as anticipation began to build at what would happen when we reached our destination. I was so nervous but excited at the same time and I could feel myself getting wet everytime he even looked at me. We finally reached my place, he got out, and came around to open my door and extending his hand with that breathtaking smile, he says: come on beautiful, then we headed to the door, I unlocked it and we walked in.

I barely put my keys and purse down on the table, then suddenly I felt his arm around my waist and he gently but swiftly turned me around to face him, he looked intently into my eyes and told me he loved me as he placed his hand gently on my neck, pulled me close, and kissed me so passionately and deeply it literally took my breath away for a moment.

He leaned down and kissed my neck so softly but intensely, as his arms were wrapped tightly around my waist, I was so turned on and so wet I could barely contain myself, and my breathing became very heavy and shallow, and I noticed his breathing shifted as well.

I placed my hand on his face, then I reached out and grabbed his hand and led him into my bedroom, when we arrived passionate kissing took over as his hands began to trace my body, and he lightly brushed my breasts as I felt my nipple get hard. My eyes closed in ecstasy as he grabbed my breasts more hungrily, caressing them, and kissing my neck, switching from my ass to my breasts.

He then gently layed me on the bed, and took off his suit coat, then starts to unbutton
his shirt, and slips off his pants, and all the while he is looking intently into my eyes
with extreme desire. I knew what was coming next, it’s one of the things I had dreamed about and anticipated for so long, him undressing me. My heart was racing so fast when he leaned down and pulls my skirt off slow and sexy, then he slowly unbuttons my blouse, leaving only my bra and underwear on.

I am so self-conscious about my body, I am a very thick woman, with a stomach, big thighs, “Of course I’m 51” I am shapely, an hourglass at that, but the only part of my body I am comfortable with is my large 40D breasts size, so I was worried about what his reaction would be when he saw me naked, but the way he looked at me made me feel like I was the most desirable woman in the world. He then lowers himself down on top of me kissing all over my body, and I could feel his strong body pressing on me, my panties were completely wet, and I was wrenched with desire.

He then slides my panties off and leans down to unhook my bra, when he pulls it off,
he gasped for a moment when at the mere sight of them, then he grabs one of my breasts
holds it and begins to lick my large hard nipple slowly up and down, back and forth.
It felt so good I begin to moan uncontrollably, and he took each nipple in his mouth and
sucks it deeply and passionately, he sucks my nipples for a long period of time switching
back and forth as he places his hand on my clit and rubs it ever so gently, and at times
kissing my mouth so passionately.

Then he puts his two middle fingers inside my pussy, and I gasp as he slides it in and out,
I am so wet, I could feel my climax building, and I could not hold it back anymore, I came
all over his fingers, not once but twice. Then he rises off of me and slowly pulls down his
underwear and there it is, I had dreamed about it, imagined what it would look like, and
what it would feel like in my hand, inside of me.

His dick was large and beautiful, I loved this man so much, the desire was strong in me to touch it, hold it and suck it. I flip him on his back, and a look of surprise comes across
his face as I lower myself down on his dick and began to lick and suck his manhood deeply and passionately.

His eyes began to roll in back of his head as he let out the sexiest moans I had ever heard,
and it turned me on knowing that I had given him such pleasure. At this point I needed him inside me and he knew it as he was so desperate to be inside of me, so he flipped me over and spread my legs open and kneeled down to lick my clit sweet and slow. I felt my body tremor all over, he sucked me inside and outside, then flicked his tongue quickly
as he gauged my reaction.

Then he moves his body up and looks into my eyes, kisses me passionately, and asks:
You ready for me baby, and I pull his body very close answering him without a word.
I then feel the head of his dick enter my wet tight pussy, slow at first bit by bit,
until he is all the way inside of me, as he slides in out of me slowly and passionately,
kissing my lips, my neck, we were both moaning in ecstasy, ohhhhhhhhh he felt sooooo good inside of me!! He lightly holds my arms down and begins to suck my nipples hungrily, as he begins to pound me faster, then slower, my moans begin to turn into screams, our souls have now become one as he goes deeper and deeper inside of me.

He looks at me with those beautiful blue eyes and says: cum for me baby, as he pounds
me so fast I can’t catch my breath, at this point we are both moaning so loud. As I saw
the contrast of my dark pussy with his massive white dick going in and out of me, I became wetter and wetter, moans once again turned into screams, it was so overwhelming.

As I felt my orgasm building in my walls, I hear him shout, ohhhhhhh shitttt I am cumming baby, and he starts pounding me even faster, he was so sexy, then after just a minute I felt my orgasm explode, and no more than 30 seconds later he starts to moan loud as his cum bursted inside of me, it was so warm, and felt so good. We both fell limp on the bed breathing hard, and I looked into his eyes and we gently kissed and said I love you. We knew we would be one for the rest of our lives together, and nothing or no one could ever replace that.

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No necesito de un pendejo


Nunca lo he necesitado, y no te confundas, no es que no me guste ponerme sensual y perder los estribos frente a uno, no es que no me sienta terriblemente atraída a su aroma fértil y poderoso, no es que no me guste ponerme en cuatro y convertirme en su puta en un instante.

No necesito de un pendejo, y menos uno cómo tú, que sólo sabe coger, y lo haces muy bien hasta eso, no tengo queja alguna. Pero yo, lo se hacer mejor aun, y no necesito andarme rogando por doquier, como ustedes los machos, o lloriquear si no pude satisfacerles.

Yo, mi estimado pendejo, puedo tomar un par de bragas oscuras, las mas sensuales del cajón, las que tengo en su envoltura nueva, para una ocasión especial, jactarme con la mejor copa de vino en mi vidriera rústica y fiel, ésa que ha sido testigo de mi desnudez antes.

Puedo rociarme discretamente de mi perfume mas erótico y alucinante, ponerme mis tacones altos, los que hacen que mis nalgas se pongas paraditas y muy firmes, observando la dulzura de sus poros erizos frente al espejo de junto, antes de cruzar a la sala sexosa.

Con cinco de los mejores discos de música sensual y alborotadora en la tornamesa, puedo embriagarme sutilmente, y mientras le doy cada sorbo a la copa cómplice de mi perversión femenina, me humedezco lentamente el cuerpo con lubricante rojo.

Lleno cada parte profunda de mi bello ser, entre mis piernas, sobre mi preciosa y ardiente vulva, perfectamente lisa…siempre coqueta, sobrepasando con mis dedos, la estremecedora carne al descubierto de mis labios exteriores, luego los interiores.

Me convierto en un portento de emociones, mientras observo la luna, que jadea discreta junto conmigo, se masturba con la imagen de mi cuerpo empapando mis ropas, mis senos duros derramando la mezcla de mi néctar aural, y la sublime expresión de mi boca.

No necesito de un pendejo para complacerme, puedo y se cómo hacerlo sola, y es la sensación mas natural y deliciosa que haya probado en la vida, la curación mas grande a todas mis heridas, incluso aquellas que dejaron el par de putos a los que amé.

Soy hermosa, me veo al espejo, y me lleno de orgullo al verme, al sentirme plenamente bella, dichosamente Dama. Pienso en los varios que quisieran tocar esta piel, esta carne, esta hembra que sólo mis dedos y mis manos hacen suya a placer….haciendome el amor.

No necesito de un pendejo en mi vida, otro mas ya no. No lo necesito, lo prefiero…sí, si yo lo prefiero, entonces será mío, y no al revés. Si lo prefiero yo me lo cojo, con todo y su alma, o si lo prefiero, sólo le bajo el pantalon, lo exprimo, lo hago mío y lo mando de vuelta a la de su mama.

No necesito de pendejo… no lo necesito.

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July,29,2017 I Was broken heart


July, 29-2018 I was alone and broken heart,made me surf the internet to see if I find a good man, “or maybe want fuck”.
I found so 1 publication what caught my attention
I made the appointment to meet at night on the same day…
On the web said chose your favorite food for dinner?.. ok BBQ
he come pick up me at six o’clock PM
A little nervous but I try not to show.
I look into his eyes, and gave me the impression that he is a good person.
I jump in his truck and go to his apartment.
Inside his apartment his say “Welcome you home” make yourself comfortable sit down.
You like wine? … YES…
ok, little by little I will be preparing the food for our dinner.
I sit, open the TV, he serves the wine.
We sit down and talk a little…From time to time he gets up and goes to the kitchen

After a delicius dinner, come the flirting, the body close and close,,, his take my hand, and we started kissing but then it was more intense…
that was enough to get wet and horny, I whas not have sex for a long time
I sat on top of his legs, I move my hips definitely start have sex, (his said, you sure that you want it),, yes yes…

His hands under my green shirt caresses my big boobs, pulls out the shirt, the bra, kiss, licked all me…

I remove the shirt on him, open the zipper I going down and down and his body,,, Pull the cock out,,,I was holding his dick with two hands and moving my toungue up and down, his shaft and before he knew it i slipped his dick into my mouth, it was too huge for evern half to go into my mouth

now spred my legs around him and slowly just took his dick in my pussy, mmm the monster was inside me. and it had opened me up like anything, I think I already come while it was going in, and after we brake the kiss he pulle me a little closer and started to suck my boobs he was bitting them hard and sucking them while I slowly moved my body on his dick yaaaa aaahh so good i cum baby,

I lay on the couch, I spread my legs for him, he licked his lips, my pussy twitching as the cool air
caressed it. He ran his fingers over my wet slit, and opened my lips
wide, looking at my hole, It was tight, having returned to its
normal size despite stretching it that first time. He lowered his face and kissed
me down there, and i all but come again. my body spasmed and my back
arched. He pressed a hand on my stomach, forcing my body to lie flat as he sucked
and licked and tongued me, I clutched at his head, forcing his face harder onto
my pussy. He had one hand on my stomach, and I had no idea where his other one was,
until I lifted my head and saw him tugging his cock earnestly as he ate me out.

he placed his mouth directly over the source, my hole, and sucked
hard. the sensation was so incredibly pleasurable that I come harder, and finally
squirted, he swallowed it all, and I moaned, He slid up my body, my mouth hungrily finding mine
and I opened wide to let his tongue in again,
Instead, I was surprised his, savoring the taste, I was busily fighting
with his tongue over dominion in my mouth when he finally shover his cock into me.

I choked on a moan and my juices, loving the feeling of his stiff rod buried in me

I had missed the feeling, and there was no pain this time, I felt my hole stretching slightly
to accommodate his log cock and he slowly pulled it out, each vein adding to the sensation, He
rammed hard into me again, He withdrew and thrust into me again, and I whimpered, He fucked me slow and hard, not speeding up at all.
He whispered my name with every thrust, and I could only whimper in reply. It got
to the point where I couldn’t even whimper, and my breathing was harsh and ragged. I don’t know how long
he fucked me, but my body was totally relaxed, and my pussy sore and overly tender when he finally surged
into me one last time and spurted his cum deep into my womb.
He collapsed on top of me, nuzzling his face into my neck

I was so exhausted
I have had so many orgasm I have lost count, he just smile and hug stay lay on the couch

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Usted me tiene loca de amor

Usted es sin duda, es mi fantasia erótica y sexual, más afrodisíaca que jamás haya tenido sobre mi cama..

Usted sin que me quede nada por dentro, se me apetece a mí y a otras..

Usted es lobo feroz, que me encanta doblegar y quebrantar a mi antojo..

Que me fascina hacer temblar y suspirar de deseo y de placer al mismo tiempo..

Que me calienta con cada roce, con cada azote, con cada acción malintencionado, y que maltrata con todo el peso de tu cuerpo..


¡Si a Usted le hablo !

La que me tiene loca de amor es usted.


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Entregandome bajo la luna


bajo la luz de la luna


Nos amaremos bajo esta luz de la luna, sentir la pasión, el amor y la ternura que tus labios me entregan, en cada apertura de nuestros labios carnosos y apasionados
te he sentido tan mío, tan entregado, simplemente siendo tú, sin temores y sin censuras, dejando complejos miedos y temores, sólo para entregarme tu amor.
Nos acariciamos, todo el  cuerpos tendidos, vibrantes, sutil.
Divagamos, pero sabemos adonde queremos llegar:

Desnudos bajo su mágia presencia, que nos invita al placer total del amor
hasta conseguir esa fusión natural, improvisada, libre cuándo se maniesta tu deseo y la mía.
La luna será testigo de este encuentro donde solo existimos… tú y yo.

Juntos en esta noche, iluminada por la luna.
Me explora todo el cuerpo, luego me saborea con los labios mi cuerpo se arquea como tensando una cuerda de un algun instrumento, mis gemidos es la música perfecta a tus oidos. Asi es que una noche cualquiera hizo real la lujuria.

Asi para cuando estês lejos, quedara en tus pupilas cada momento vivido, cada beso dado, cada caricias dada en la piel…

Seremos solo una, esta noche hermosa.
Aunque la distancia nos separe. Y cuando estés lejos la luna te ará recordar que aquí
siempre te he de esperar.

Por eso hoy de nuevo estoy en el mismo lugar donde una noche me entregue a ti sin medida bajo la luz de la luna, con la diferencia que hoy si la luna me contempla solitaria y pensativa. Tu recuerdo atrapa toda mi mente.

Cierro los ojos y te siento.

Tu cuerpo suave por encima del mío como cubriéndome del sereno que del cielo caía, y formando una sombra en mí pecho de la luz que la luna nos brindaba. Sigo recordando tu cuerpo en donde la luna nos observaba. El silencio de la noche trae consigo el sonido de tu corazón, de tu respirar, y tu alma habla en secreto con mi soledad; mis labios se humedece con el sentido del placer del ensueño que se confunden con la llovizna de esta noche eterna.

Han pasado tantos años y la luna sigue siendo la misma y sé que tu la miras al igual que yo, y piensas en mi como yo en ti y aunque estemos separados nos abraza un mismo cielo que nos une, y yo te espero bajo las luz de la luna porque no te sé olvidar, pero tampoco te sé recuperar, y me resigno a esperar, porque tu corazon en otro mundo vuela


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Tipicamente mi fin de semana


Tipicamente mi fin de semana siempre es de locura y de fantasia a cumplir.

Me prepare para esa noche de lujuria y placer, poniendome esa ropa tan sexy y mi color favorita negro con rojo, El caballero sentado inquieto esperandome con un buen vino.

Salgo de mi habitación hermosa sensual, con un perfume embriagador, veo en el una mirada penetrante, un poco nervioso, puse una musica y empese a bailar en frente de él bien sensual dandome de desear más, su mirada me envolvía, su voz me cautivaba sentía como sus fuertes brazos me llevaban hacia él, sentía el calor de sus manos alrededor de mi cintura. Se levanto y empezamos a bailar juntos.
Esa cercanía me permitía percibir el aroma de su piel, un aroma tan sexi, sentir como rosaba su mejilla y la mía hacia que se me erizara la piel… Hacia que nos conectáramos más cuerpo a cuerpo respiro to respiro, besos a besos  la humedad de los suyos con el mio tan calido, tan tiernos pero al mismo tiempo ardientes.
Sus manos acariciaban mi cabello bajando por mi espalda y llegando a mis caderas, me llevaba hacia él mientras besaba mi cuello.
Mientras mi boca saboreaba el sabor de su cuello mis manos curioseaban debajo de su camisa, su pecho tan caliente, me deje llevar por la pasión de sus besos y le desabroche el pantalón, metí mis manos dentro de sus bóxers en busca de su miembro, y ahí estaba tan imponente tan cálido no aguante mas para poder deleitarme con ese regalito, lamí su pecho, suavemente y baje con cuidado hacia su rico pene, algo soñado exquisito, lo lamí desde su cabeza hasta sus bolas, no podía y no quería parar de chuparlo era tanto mi placer al sentirlo en mi boca, le sente en el sofa de nuevo y empeze a devestirlo suavemente mientra mis manos y mis labios lo acaricias ya completamente desnudo me agarro y me coloco en el sofa, y era turno de él. Empezó a besar mis pechos jamás había sentido tal excitación con unos besos… el lamia y mordía mis pezones a la vez y yo gemía de placer mientras acariciaba su pene que estaba completamente erecto.
Él siguió sus besos por todo mi cuerpo, era como si no quería dejar ni un solo centímetro de mí ser por recorrer. Llego a mi vagina y lamio mi clítoris como un buen amante lo podría hacer, besaba mi vagina como si quisiera beber de ella el manantial de la vida mientras yo me retorcía en un momento de excitación máxima sentía latir mi clítoris a tal manera que parecía que se iba a reventar.
Quería sentir más de esa sensación, y me senté sobre él, sentí como ese gran pene grueso entraba en mi vagina totalmente húmeda ella lo recibía muy placentera.
Inmediatamente empecé a moverme mientras el no dejaba de tocar mis pechos que se mecían al compás de mi cadera
Era como si estuviera domando a un potro salvaje que me miraba con esos ojos, tan excitado. no podía parar de moverme me sentía en otra dimensión el apretaba mis muslos con sus manos fuertemente y me volteó. Cielos, me puso en cuatro y me penetro nuevamente era como si estuviéramos bailando nuevamente pero esta vez en conexión total, la humedad de nuestros cuerpos el calor de nuestras manos acariciándonos, el aroma de nuestra unión todo, todo, se confabulaba para que nuestra pasión aumentara para que nuestros movimientos fueran más fuertes, para que el me hiciera totalmente suya y a su antojo y así terminar fundidos en una mezcla de gemidos, besos y movimientos desenfrenados….

Hasta nos olvidamos de tomar vino, me sonrio me habrazo me beso, y me susurro fue maravilloso eres única. estubimos un buen rato abrazados tirado en el sofa. hasta que nos llego el hambre.

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