Inside Little Sports Car

“I am a wicked and wanton woman,” I say quite happily.

Inside little  sports car. Top down. The sun streaming in, stroking me, like I wish you would. We both smile a little behind our sunglasses.

“Mmmm, hmmm… It’s one of the many things I like about you,” you answer. “It’s a good thing.”

I love the way you drive. With confidence, skill and pleasure. It’s the same way you drive me.

After sunset, we are on the highway in the gathering dark, heading back to your house. The top is up now, the car a warm, leather scented cave. I stroke the soft, stitched leather of the car seats, admiring the clean lines and textures of your ride. Your eye follows my hand.

And did your glance dart for just a moment to my long, lean legs, the curve of my hip, the swell of my breasts? I hope so…

“Keep your eyes on the road,” I chide, but my hand moves to your leg. Strong thighs flinch slightly as my fingernails brush them, but your hands stay steady on the wheel. I touch your inner thigh now, zeroing in on your crotch. I know what you want. My fingertips brush your cock and you suck in your breath, but your hands never move on the wheel.

Laughing, I stroke harder now, feeling the pleasure of the car accelerating, moving easily through traffic. I like the feeling of the G’s and already I am getting wet. Your cock grows hard and I am overcome with the urge to take in into my mouth. I reach across and snap open the button of your pants, ease down the zipper and coax out your cock. It seems to like speed too.

My tongue touches you, licking all the way down, feeling you grow even harder in my mouth. I can’t help it, I moan and pump you with my hand. Do you know you are driving faster now? I suck you into my mouth, my tongue worshipping your cock. And your breath quickens, your hips moving in your seat, cock thrusting up into my mouth. It’s a lovely feeling and I am getting even wetter, the smell of sex mingled with the warm and spicy smell of Italian leather.

How fast does your car go? We pass a truck and he beeps his horn at us..

At the exit, I lift my mouth from you and gently ease your cock back home. Its lovely, pink head leaves my mouth reluctantly. As we drive through the suburban streets, your hand goes to my legs. Stroking the bare skin of my thigh, your hand steals under my short skirt and probes my lips, pushing aside my panties. I am very wet now and a small sigh of appreciation escapes your lips. I lean back in the seat and spread my legs wider, pulling up my skirt.

Your fingers find my clit and rub and pull. One clever finger steals inside me and I almost come right then, but I want to wait. I want you to drive me, drive me crazy, drive me wild, drive me over the edge, drive me past my point of control…

How fast can we run from the driveway, inside? A minute later we are on your couch, it’s big and billowy and I sink back into it as your weight presses me down. Your tongue plunders my mouth. A kiss like fire, as scotch mingles in our mouths.

Scotch tastes even better, drinking it from your lips…

Hot scotch kisses move down my neck, cover my breasts and belly. Your head settles between my legs, and I like nothing better then to see you from that angle. You take a drink from your glass and then a drink from me. The scotch tingles a little on my warm flesh. Your mouth moves through my skin, drinking me. Your tongue is everywhere, on my lips, inside me, and all over my clit, nipping, and teasing. This time, as your finger steals inside and I can’t help myself. Your mouth drives me into a climax that wracks me.

Forget what they say about drinking and driving. I curl around your mouth, around your finger, gasping…

You hold me tenderly while my shivering stops, but I can feel your urgency, your need. Sitting up, I find your cock again, unzipping you. You stand between my legs, my hands kneading your ass as you thrust into my mouth. I stop and take a drink of scotch before taking you in my mouth again. It’s warming, increasing the sensations for you.

My tongue darts everywhere, my mouth hot and wet…

And then I stop. I still want you to drive me, so I lean back on the couch and spread my legs wide, hand slipping between my thighs. I touch myself, eyes locked on yours, inviting you in.

You settle between my legs, beautiful cock poised at my entrance and then you are in, driving me hard and fast. The world disappears and there is only the feeling of acceleration, of you driving me with confidence, skill and pleasure.

Drive me. Drive me hard. Drive me over the edge. I say the words out loud…

You come inside me, a lion’s roar explodes out from you as I feel you clench and release. I hold on for dear life as you buck inside me and then suddenly I am there with you, driving through pleasure, through joy and out the other side.

Let’s go for a ride. Anytime. You drive…

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